Name: My name is Baxter, but most friends call me Bax! I also go by the nickname Guppa online.
Pronouns/Identity: I am queer and trans, they/them pronouns but he/him is okay occasionally.
Age: I am 24, my birthday is in July (I am a cancer sun and a cancer moon)
Location: Midwest, USA

I am autistic and bears are my special interest! I'm sure you can see through the site. I have a beanie baby (Pecan the Bear) that I carry with me, you might see pictures of him in my photo log. I also have a lot of varying hobbies. I love fibercrafts; sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc. I love reading, mostly fantasy, and would love to hear any good lgbt reading recommendations! I also write and will post some of my stories and OCs here.

I watch a lot of TV and movies and love to talk about my current binge watch. I'm particularly fond of 2000s/2010s teen dramas and I also love cartoons/animated shows!

I have kinda grown into my adulthood on the internet. I made my first social media profile at 13, and had already spent years prior surfing the web without posting. Around 2019, I realized how toxic these online spaces were becoming. The corporate push for profit destroyed the individuailty and creativity of internet, churning out cookie cutter social sites that offer little to no space for customization beyond your username and a small text-only bio. Wether these sites focused on text, image, or video posts, the result and environment was the same, with the userbase having no voice. With the social-political issues that came to a head in 2020 (and continue even today), online communities became increasingly toxic and insular. The push for hyper-individualism (which drives consumerism and feeds capitalism) has leeched into the way people connect and interact in online communities. All that combined with the building anxiety and stress from constant non-stop exposure to global news, presented by people insistent there is no hope and the world is doomed. I knew I had to step back from modern social media.

Ironically, I found out about Neocities in the comment section of a TikTok made by someone expressing similar feelings. So many people were echoing my own feelings, that modern social media was becoming harmful and toxic but they had no idea how to completely step away from those sites with out losing the ability to connect and maintain online relationships with friends. Regardless of our feelings we cannot argue that going completely offline in this day and age can be an incredibly isolating and lonely experience. Neocities seemed like a great replacement for me for sites that served no purpose besides social. Here, I will maintain an online presense on my terms, with my aesthetic, posting only what and how I want.

Because this site is made to replace modern social media, I do want to emphasize the social aspect. I would love to make friends here on Neocities, and will link ways to contact me on other platforms. I encourage you to reach out if you'd like to be friends!

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